Interview with Kellee Moye and Book Giveaway

Here’s another chance to win a copy of HONEY and to peek behind the curtain at the writing process. Kellee asked way I chose this specific moment in time for my book. Here’s an except from the interview: Q: Why did you specifically choose this moment in Abe’s life to focus on? What did you… Read more »

Interview with Linda Washington

I’m not used to being interviewed. It really brings out some interesting feelings. Here I share with Secret Gardener Linda Washington what advice I would give to hopeful picture book writers and my hopes of what readers will take away from reading HONEY. El Space: Any advice for would-be picture book writers? What do you… Read more »

Interview with Sandra Nickel

What a lovely time I had in this interview with fellow Secret Gardener (Vermont College of Fine Arts, July 2012 class) Sandra Nickel.  Sandra asks What was on…..? Here is my response to What was on the cutting room floor (Short answer — lots!): Editing Room floor: To write a picture book, particularly a non-fiction one,… Read more »