Much appreciation to The Lincoln Museum in Hodgenville, Kentucky for verifying the details in the end papers map, and to Candace Fleming for further information about Honey.

Excellent Lincoln Books:

  • Candace Fleming, The Lincolns: A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary (New York 2008)
  • Russell Freedman, Lincoln: A Photobiography (New York 1989): The late Russell Freedman encouraged me to research Lincoln’s childhood and to write this story. I am forever indebted to him. I met Russell in 2006 at the SCBWI conference where I discussed with him my hope to write about Abe’s childhood experiences with his best friend, Austin. I had gotten the idea from a sentence in Russell’s biography of Abraham Lincoln. A friend of mine secretly bought me his book and had it inscribed (below). I wish Russell were here so I could thank him for his kind support.
  • J. Rogers Gore, The Boyhood of Abraham Lincoln from the Spoken Narratives of Austin Gollaher (Indianapolis 1921): This book was my primary resource for writing HONEY, THE DOG WHO SAVED ABE LINCOLN. It is now available free online.
  • Ellen Jackson, Abe Lincoln Loved Animals (New York 2008)
  • Phillip Kunhardt, et al., Lincoln, An Illustrated Biography (New York 1999)
  • Ruth Painter Randall, Lincoln’s Animal Friends (Boston 1958)
  • Carl Sandburg, Abe Lincoln Grows Up (New York 2008)

The Lincoln Museum and Landmarks in Kentucky

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