Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

On President’s Day, HONEY is getting some lovely reviews and attention. Here are snippets and links to a few.

“In her debut as a picture book author, Shari Swanson brings a story to readers about Abraham Lincoln sure to find a permanent place in their hearts.  His kinship with the natural world, his appreciation for all living things, is revealed in an expressive narrative woven with facts and through realistically depicted conversations with other people in his life.  Readers will understand the significance of Abe’s perceptions in the wild.  What if he had not heard Honey?  Readers will also marvel at the astuteness of Abraham at only seven years old.”

More here.

“In a world where children are often limited in where they can wander without adult supervision, it is fun to be transported back to a time where children were able to have large areas to play. Swanson’s engaging text perfectly captures the relationship Abe and Honey shared and makes this a perfect read aloud. Chuck Groenink’s illustrations are a beautiful compliment to the text.”

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A giveaway and craft idea in honor of our 16th president’s birthday from CelebratePictureBooks.com. And a review that gave me shivers of delight!

“In her enchanting story, Shari Swanson introduces young readers to the boy who would grow up to be the 16th president of the United States. Children meet this beloved man as a peer, discovering that his kindness, self-deprecation, sense of humor, and big heart were always part of his personality and guided him throughout his life, during good times and times of turmoil. Abraham Lincoln’s voice drives Swanson’s storytelling, which is charming and uplifting and gives a feel for the community that raised a president. Children may be awed by the responsibility Abe took on as a mere seven-year-old but will also recognize and appreciate his knowledge, competence, and confidence. Abe’s relationship with Honey is heartwarming, demonstrating that love and loyalty are repaid in many ways.”

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I am thrilled people are loving HONEY, and so happy to see that this book is being linked to #kindness on Twitter. Makes my heart very full.

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